Hey, I'm George!
I’m a Games Programmer at Wolf & Wood Interactive Ltd.
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About Me
Hello World! My name is George and I am a games programmer with experience using languages like C# and C++. I graduated from Newcastle University with a 1st Class Masters in Computing with a specialism in Game Engineering.
I am passionate not only about science and technology, but the arts as well with a deep love of games and films. In all the work I do I try to approach it from an original and unorthadox angle. It may not always work but I'm grateful for everything I am able to learn through the mistakes I make.
Alongside programming and game development, I am an avid journalist and film critic, writing for multiple publications about all manner of things. Through this critical analysis of media, I've developed a creative flair with the work I do and try to use it wherever and whenever I can!
Published Games
Hotel R'n'R
C-Smash VRS
Personal Projects
Team Project to develop a splatoon style third-person shooter
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Goat Imitator
Iterated on a physics engine in C++ to make a multiplayer game with advanced AI and a myriad of other features
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Fantasy World
Used understanding of the rasteriser to create a 3D graphical scene from the ground up
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Learning Python Game
Created as part of an internship, an interactive game that teaches the basics of python
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Reflections Dissertation
15k word report comparing and analysing several different graphical reflection techniques while independently learning C++
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Planet Play
3D planet hopping game with Mario Galaxy style physics
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The Island
Made use of Unity's plethra of tools and some shader language code to create a 3D world to be explored
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Facial Recognition Doorbell
Lead a team project to create a Rasperry Pi based smart doorbell that used facial recognition and a camera to let you know who is at the door via an android app
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