A third person shooter inspired by the Splatoon Franchise and developed in a small team (In active development)
Project Details
For a team project in my final year, I have been working in a team of 8 people to develop a Splatoon style shooter.
The main objective of the game is to cover as much of the floor in your teams paint colour before the time runs out. It includes a myriad of features:
  • Dynamic painting
  • Online multiplayer
  • Up to 4 player local play, done via split screen
  • Minimap, scorebar and other UI elements
What I developed
My main role focused around Graphics and UI, handling a lot of the rendering and visuals of the game, as well as presenting key information to the player. Here are some of the features I developed:
  • Developed the visuals of the painting effect and how they are drawn to the screen
  • Split screen, renders the scene from different perspectives and presents them all to the screen, up to and including 4 players
  • Calculating each teams score by updating a map texture when paintballs impact through the use of the GPU and atomics.
  • Generating a minimap by sampling the map texture with the up to date splats
I also had the opportunity to improve rendering and optimise performance with the use of features like uniform buffer objects and bindless textures
This project has provided me a great many opportunities to explore areas of game development that interest me, from gameplay to graphics and UI. The UI elements I was able to develop were particularly interesting to me, and is something I would look to develop further in the future.
Code Repository