Python Learning Game
A unity game created to help teach new students Python and other programming fundamentals.
Project Details
Between my third and fourth year I worked with the university as an Intern to develop educational resources. We were able to develop any resources we though helpful. One of the resources I designed and developed myself was this project; a resource that taught some basics of python through gamification
The game was created using Unity and an experimental plugin for the engine called Python for Unity and tasked students with fixing python code snippets or completing functions that directly influence the game as they play through different levels. Each of the levels focus on a different element of programming like loops, if statements, and simple sorting functions. The levels include testing to confirm if the code written works as intended!
Majority of the effort was put into the final level which includes a moveable player that must complete code to progress and complete an end goal. There are animations, ladders and menu systems as well to use in the game.
Code Repository