Fantasy World
Created entirely using C++ and GLSL, this is a 3D world that uses split screen and a moving camera
Project Details
A coursework project completed for my Advanced Graphics for Games module over the course of three weeks. I achieved a grade of 85%
The objective of the project was to use the renderer and knowledge of graphical programming to create a 3D fantasy world inspired by games like Elden Ring. Sticking with the theme of From Software games, I wanted to create something similar to 2015's Bloodborne with a spooky atmosphere.
I created the terrain myself using the terrain tool in Unity before exporting the mesh. A range of textures and meshes were used to help populate and add detail to the scene. Normal textures were used with a central lightsource to make things more realistic. Majority of the resources used were stored using bindless textures and uniform buffer objects to improve performance of the scene. Two different instances of post processing were done with a split screen and an exponential fog effect to help create the spooky atmosphere. Other features included were animated characters, tree meshes and shadowmapping.
Code Repository