Planet Play
A 3D planet jumping game with physics similar to Super Mario Galaxy. Each planet has a different goal to accomplish from avoiding an AI opponent, dodging meteors or collecting flocking enemies.
Project Details
Completed during my third year using the game engine Unity, I developed a multi-leveled and progressable 3D planet jumping game. I achieved a grade of 88% for this project.
Rather than using all of the physics system provided by Unity, I decided to challenge myself by implementing my own method for gravity to replicate the feel of one of my favourite games, Super Mario Galaxy, with small planets you can run completely around.
This project allowed me to explore several different concepts and features for the game. There were different planets in the game with different challenges on each, which in addition to different sizes and masses, creates a unique experience on each level via a planet class system. Due to the unique level design of the spherical worlds, the basic navmesh and pathfinding used by Unity would not work so I develop my own pathfinding system that used A* in combination with node generation across the surface of the planet to give intelligence to certain opponents.
Through this project I was able to experiment with different UI and developed a deep interest in the ways it can be applied. Examples of this include the 3D main menu, the planet navigation map to select which level you want to play, and a dynamic healthbar system
Code Repository