Facial Recognition Doorbell
A smart doorbell that used facial recognition to inform via an app notification who as ringing the doorbell .
Project Details
During my second year I led a team project to create a smart doorbell that used facial recognition in combination with an android app to inform who is using the doorbell. For the purpose of this project the doorbell was a Raspberry Pi with a camera. We achieved a grade of 87% and were awarded Best Stage 2 Team Project.
As team leader, it was my responsibility to lead daily meetings, ensure the team stuck to the schedule we created, avoid feature creep and relay our progress during weekly meetings. In terms of development I led the creation of the android app used to host the user side of the project as well as the implementation of a facial recognition library used to determine the face of the user ringing the doorbell.
The app included a slew of features like notifications on the phone for when someone rings the doorbell, the ability to add new faces to the doorbell as well as unit tests to ensure it works as intended
Code Repository