The Island
Using several of Unity's resources, as well as some shader code for a realistic water effect, I was able to create a realistic and visually effective scene
Project Details
Nothing to do the hit Michael Bay film starring Scarlett Johansen and Ewan McGregor, my project The Island was completed during my third year and was one of my first experiences with graphical programming. I achieved a grade of 82%.
While my Planet Play project allowed me to experiment with the more interactive elements of game development, this project let me explore the visual side. Using Unity's terrain tool I created a detailed island with features galore. I also created a custom water shader that used gerstner waves and sea foam based on depth to help flesh out the environment. There are a range of other features in the scene like lens flares, moveable camera and varois post processing effects. Please watch the video or check the code if you are interested in learning more about the scene!
Code Repository